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[DotGNU]System.Widows.Forms Progress

From: ROUGE Alain
Subject: [DotGNU]System.Widows.Forms Progress
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 11:20:33 +0200


I've downloaded treecc, pnet, pnetlib from cvs this morning.
I've compiled and installed the whole chain on a very fresh slackware 
current whitout problems.

just  2 minor warnings for pnet:
   ./ --> test/ 'CFLAGS' is a user variable, you 
should not override it, use 'AM_FLAGS' instead;
   ./configure --prefix=/user --> pnet/missing script is too old or 

no problems for treecc and pnetlib.

now  ilrun ./FormTest.exe.

Amazing I can't believe it. In a couple of months you wrote the core SWF. 
And it works really well.

How is this possible? the power of C#,  the beauty of Xsharp ????

Graphics and Graphics Path are very cool.
TextBox rendering is very slow on my box.
Do you plan to update Primitives soon? 
Image crashes for me.  X error X_ChangeGC.
When I click on aTab the whole Tabs are updated with a kind of flicker.

Thanks for dotgnu. really.


I'm new to the list. I'm a C/C++ coder and I usually use gtk/gtkmm API. 
perhaps it's time to switch to pnet :-).


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