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Re: Re: [DotGNU]problems running window samples

From: Javi
Subject: Re: Re: [DotGNU]problems running window samples
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 08:50:04 +0100

It seems the mail I wrote yesterday is lost.

If someone finds the errors:
1- Just install imlib package. It's the simple one.
2- The harder one is to believe you have X11 headers
installed, buy you haven't. ./configure doesn't complain and
you have to look at the one-second-in-screen message "Checking
for X... no". Install the headers and if the message  is kept,
then set --x-headers and --x-libraries to their directories.

I think ./configure should stop at that message because it's
hard to think that "NullPointerException" raises just for the
fact that in compilation X11 headers were not used.

Anyway in my last, lost mail I congratulated developers.

Regards (and hope this will reach you).

>--- Javi  <a
>-0.5.10/samples# ilrun
> cannot open shared object file: Nosuch
>file or directoryUncaught exception:
>System.MissingMethodException: Attemptedto access a
>non-existing methodand:javi:~/pnetlib-0.5.10/samples#
>It looks as though you are missing IMLib which
>is the crude way of displaying images. You need
>imlib-devel module to get the .so file needed.
>Hmm... hasn't the pnetC still not gotten libjpeg.gnu
>ready ? ... I had thought DotGNU.Images would have
>reached working form by now ?
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