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[DotGNU]Strange questions...

From: Jason Batchelor
Subject: [DotGNU]Strange questions...
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 22:00:50 -0400

Well, as my Java course is wrapping up, I'm contemplating what to do in terms of working on my programming skills. Now, I would love to be able to say that I'm a competent C or C++ programmer, but unfortunately that is not the case, yet. However, what I would like to know is what skills would be of best benefit to me if I wanted to actively contribute to the DotGNU project.

I would love to see a CLR that runs the GUI elements of DotGNU on Mac OS X without having to use X11. I don't know, though, exactly what is needed in order to accomplish this feat. I know that one of the core beliefs of the DotGNU project is to avoid vendor lock-in... does writing libraries to make WinForms run natively (without X11) on the Mac help or hinder that goal?

Thanks for your patience with me as I get started with this. Hope to hear from you all, and I hope I can make some positive contribution to this very promising project!

Jason M. Batchelor

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