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[DotGNU]DrawString / Performence

From: Thomas Fritzsche
Subject: [DotGNU]DrawString / Performence
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 11:08:13 -0000 (UTC)
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Hallo Neil+dotgnu hackers,

I just write this to inform you that I made progress on the DrawString
I made a screenshot:

But I'm not ready yet.

The first problem is that this changes breaks some SWF Controls as you can
see on the screenshot.
This could be because I made a bugs in my DrawString implementation or
because the SWF used the bugs that I fixed in DrawString as a feature ;-).
I will check this out.

The other problem is about the MeasureCharacterRanges method. I extracted
parts of the current implementation to use it also for the DrawString
But I think I should rewrite this methods, because it pinvoke the system
string measure feature very often and this could be one of the performence
problems of the current SWF implementation. What do you think?

On my system I have a poor performence of the SWF-Samples, but my CPU load
is near 0!! So this could only be because the system is waiting for I/O or
something like that. With strace I see that there are a lot of calls for
the system rtc-time? Is this something for the event control?


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