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[DotGNU]VRS DFS: paper of interest (Google file system)

From: Eric Altendorf
Subject: [DotGNU]VRS DFS: paper of interest (Google file system)
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 08:43:45 -0700
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Hi folks, still lurking, sorry for the lack of participation.  I saw 
this and thought it might be of interest to anyone still thinking 
about the design of the distributed file system for VRS.

Good points in relation to the VRS: (1) it's distributed over 
unreliable hardware and connections, (2) it makes use of the 
underlying filesystem and stores there large "chunks" (64MB) of the 
very large (multi-gig) "actual" files (which, for the VRS, could 
actually be essentially encrypted disk or filesystem images).

Bad points: it's designed primarily for streaming -- appending to the 
end of large files, and reading long continuous streams of data from 
a file.  Small files, middle-of-the-file writes, and caching of data 
is avoided.

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O | S | D | N      NEWSLETTER      September 30, 2003                           

The Design Of The Google File System

    [0]Freddles writes "This is [1]an interesting paper (PDF)
 describing the design approach to [2]Google's file system. The
 design had to take account of requirements for huge file sizes, a
 highly responsive infrastructure and an assumption that hardware
 components will always fail."

Eric Altendorf    //

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