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[DotGNU]Portable.NET 0.6.0 and DotGNU 0.1 count down

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: [DotGNU]Portable.NET 0.6.0 and DotGNU 0.1 count down
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 17:09:20 +1000
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Hi all,

It's less than 24 hours until I will be cutting the 0.6.0 source release for 
Portable.NET, to become part of DotGNU 0.1.  So, if you know of any last 
minute bugs, now's the time to let me know.

Following the 0.6.0 source release, we will need the package maintainers (deb, 
rpm, win32, gentoo, etc, etc, etc) to quickly put together binary packages to 
go onto the DotGNU 0.1 CD.  Gopal is the designated "package herder", so 
he'll be cracking the whip.  The sooner, the better.

Similarly for DGEE, phpGroupWare, Qt#, etc.

While the package maintainers are busy building packages, Norbert and I will 
be creating the HTML content for the CD.  The preliminary version can be 
fetched via CVS from Savannah:

The module name is "cdrom".  If you have any content to go on the CD, samples, 
etc, or you just want to test out the HTML in your browser of choice, then 
let Norbert or I know.  We'll be hanging out in #dotgnu for the next few days 
until the process is complete.



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