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[DotGNU]Portable.NET 0.6.0 released

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: [DotGNU]Portable.NET 0.6.0 released
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 12:25:40 +1000
User-agent: KMail/1.4.3

Portable.NET 0.6.0 has been released:

Web Page:

This is the big one!  The last Portable.NET release before DotGNU 0.1.
Binary package maintainers should build packages for all the major
platforms and formats as soon as possible.

Lots of bug fixes, missing functionality, and huge improvements in
System.Windows.Forms.  Special thanks to Neil Cawse for his efforts on
that last front.

For more information, see the attached NEWS files.  Checksums are attached.



Portable.NET 0.6.0 (15 October 2003)

Runtime engine:

* Make the autoconf target string available to pnetlib so that
  the platform can be detected using "Environment.OSVersion".
* Marshal structures that contain delegate fields, for Win32 winforms.
* Internalcall for the zero-argument case of constructing value types.
* Add delegates to the GC handle table when they are marshalled, to
  prevent the object from being disposed while the closure is in use.

Common Compiler Issues:

* Be careful not to treat absolute pathnames as options in the
  csc/mcs-compatibility mode.
* Fixed a bug in "foreach" loops containing "break" in their body.

C Compiler:

* Improve the handling of boolean constant values.
* Constant coercions where the machine type does not change.
* Allow function pointer types to be coerced if they have the
  same basic "shape", differing only in pointer types.

Loader and Metadata:

* Don't add parameter name information to debug symbol data because
  it duplicates information already available in metadata.
* Put some infrastructure in place to support on-demand type loading.
* Fix a bug with debug overflow blocks that caused the wrong filename
  data to be written, causing odd names in stack traces.
* Add the link directory to the debug symbol table so that the
  full pathname of source files can be recovered by a debugger.
* Search for owned items in a way that avoids loading an item if
  it isn't actually the one that was sought.


* Ignore classes with "NonStandardExtra" in "csdocvalil".
* Document the "csant" XML file syntax in the texinfo documentation.
* Updates to the FAQ.
* Man page for "ilverify".

Platform Support:

* Socket support under "mingw32".
* Fixed a bug in "libffi" that caused it to generate invalid closures
  on some x86 platforms.


* Pass missing options to "mcs" from "csant".
* Fixes for building in non-full profiles.
* Remove some obsolete programs (ildiff, ildb, test_verify).

pnetlib 0.6.0 (15 October 2003)


* Redirection of events during grabs (Neil Cawse).
* Rewrite of client window handling for Win32 (Neil Cawse).
* ListBox speed and flicker issues (Brian Luft).
* TreeView, TrackBar (Neil Cawse).
* Fixes to TextBox, TabControl (Neil Cawse).
* New test cases in FormsTest (Neil Cawse).
* Modify TextBox.CanUndo to match spec (Adam Ballai).
* Stub ToolTip (Adam Ballai).
* Curve drawing (Thomas Fritzsche).
* Fix DrawArc angle bug (Thomas Fritzsche).
* ScrollBar layout fixes (Brian Luft).
* System.Drawing.Design namespace (Neil Cawse).
* System.Windows.Forms.Design namespace (Neil Cawse).
* Various small fixes and stubs in System.Drawing (Neil Cawse).
* WinCE compatibility alterations (Neil Cawse).
* Flicker fixes for buttons (Neil Cawse).
* Various small fixes to Windows.Forms classes (Neil Cawse).
* Hook bitmap loading into Xsharp and System.Drawing (Rhys Weatherley).
* Some MessageBox infrastructure (Rhys Weatherley).
* Add a way to select a non-standard toolkit (Rhys Weatherley).


* Continue serialization and remoting (Rhys Weatherley).
* Finish System.ComponentModel (Rhys Weatherley).
* Missing functionality in System.Diagnostics (Rhys Weatherley).
* System.Uri, System.Net fixes (Rhys Weatherley).
* Mark classes with "NonStandardExtra" that should be ignored by
  "csdocvalil" during validation (Rhys Weatherley).
* HebrewCalendar - ToDateTime should not be public (Rhys Weatherley).
* Report the autoconf target name via "Environment.OSVersion" (Rhys).
* Remove "-fminimize-parameters" as it isn't needed any more (Rhys).
* ISysWrapper assembly to prove debug symbol access (Rhys Weatherley).
* System.EnterpriseServices (Rhys Weatherley).
* Optimize "ClrType.TrimMembers" (Rhys Weatherley).
* Profile-related fixes throughout the tree (Rhys Weatherley).
* Fix seeking within a FileStream buffer (Rhys Weatherley).
* Finish off the implementation of "AsyncResult" (Rhys Weatherley).
* Sort the returns from "Enum.GetValues" and "Enum.GetNames" (Rhys).
* Missing functionality in System.Security.Policy (Rhys Weatherley).
* Add SharpZipLib to the tree (Rhys Weatherley).
* Fix country names in "kok" and "kok-IN" cultures (Rhys Weatherley).
* Fixes to compile with csc (Neil Cawse).
* Path.GetExtension should return "." in the extension (Rhys Weatherley).
* "ResX" classes in System.Resources (Rhys Weatherley).
* Add missing string resources and delete obsolete ones (Rhys Weatherley).
* HOWTO guide for translating resources (Rhys Weatherley).

pnetC 0.6.0 (15 October 2003)

* No change - re-released to match version numbers with pnet/pnetlib.

ml-pnet 0.6.0 (15 October 2003)

* Remove "System.EnterpriseServices" and "ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib"
  because pnetlib has its own versions now.
* Disable "ByteFX.Data" because of missing dependencies.

17785c4d9a748583bf675796e48019d5  pnet-0.6.0.tar.gz
7848ce58a81e875906315230461e885f  pnetlib-0.6.0.tar.gz
e076377cdd64b499ebe8a5356c2129fc  pnetC-0.6.0.tar.gz
496cee3b5b1816bf7dfe6d2be0660ce4  ml-pnet-0.6.0.tar.gz

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