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[DotGNU]alternative base libraries (was Re: Collaboration on alternative

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: [DotGNU]alternative base libraries (was Re: Collaboration on alternatives to the US-patent-endangered APIs?)
Date: 15 Oct 2003 10:43:27 +0100
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Norbert Bollow <address@hidden> writes:

> That kind of situation would be bad enough that RMS and I think that
> avoiding the possibility of this kind of situation (however unlikely
> it may be) makes the effort of designing and implementing alternative
> APIs appear worthwhile.
> Of course, while it is felt that an effort to design an alternative
> API is needed primarily for these "freedom fighter" reasons, it'll
> be a nice bonus if DotGNU can do a better job at API design than
> Microsoft did!

While everyone's interested in alternative APIs, I will again point
everyone to the 2002-09-25 proposal of DotGNUstep, the OpenStep API
implemented in C#:

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