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[DotGNU]MinGW and Portable.NET

From: Earnie Boyd
Subject: [DotGNU]MinGW and Portable.NET
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 12:38:32 -0400
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I have just run across this project yesterday when I was googling to determine what projects were using MinGW. I downloaded all of your released packages to find out how well I could execute the build processes. I use a MinGW distributed product named MSYS for the build environment. MSYS uses a modified version of Cygwin to provide a minimal set of tools whose goal is to allow a typical configure script execute to create a Makefile. It translates paths for the environment and arguments when spawning non MSYS processes.

Building treecc-0.2.6 was uneventful, configure --prefix=/mingw && make.

Building pnet-0.5.12 was nearly uneventful, but I had to modify some of the Makefiles to add -lws2_32 for the socket library. The install steps have a few missing $(EXEEXT) when removing and creating links via $(LN_S).

I then tried the pnetC-0.5.12 and received no joy as the pnet compiler doesn't support spawning with pipes for win32. What is the status for this support?

If you wish to look at MSYS download from

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