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[DotGNU]Read and ReadBlock bugs in pnet and pnetlib

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: [DotGNU]Read and ReadBlock bugs in pnet and pnetlib
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 19:38:22 GMT

Here are some bugs and patches:

In two places, one in pnet/engine/lib_stdio.c and one in
pnetlib/runtime/System/IO/TextReader.cs, the return value isn't
computed correctly; 0 is returned instead.  The former was breaking my
CGI library, which I will present in my next message.

The third problem, also in pnetlib/runtime/System/IO/TextReader.cs,
was ReadBlock's failure to continue writing at the index offset by the
amount of data read so far.  While the current implementations of Read
all block until all data is read, thus hiding this bug, someone could
still override Write, following spec but still breaking it.

pnet fix:

pnetlib fixes:

Here is proof of the pnet bug, which was breaking my library:

// -*- compile-command: "cscc -o rw_count.exe rw_count.cs" -*-
// This is a test function for System.IO.TextWriter.ReadBlock.  It
// tests the function on Console.In, by reading

public class Rw_count
  public static int Main (String[] arguments)
    if (arguments.Length != 1)
        Console.Error.WriteLine ("Usage: rw_count NUMCHARS");
        return 1;
    int data_size = Int32.Parse (arguments[0]);
    char[] data = new char[data_size];
    Console.Error.Write ("Content-length: ");
      (Console.In.Read (data, 0, data_size).ToString ());
    Console.Out.Write (data);
    return 0;

Stephen Compall or s11 or sirian

There are three things I always forget.  Names, faces -- the third I
can't remember.
                -- Italo Svevo

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