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[DotGNU]DGpnetVM environment

From: Les Ferguson
Subject: [DotGNU]DGpnetVM environment
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 15:18:15 +1300
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Greetings, I am a health information systems developer, in Waitakere, New 
Zealand.  I have been developing software in console-based apps, Windows 
apps, and IIS intranet solutions, for some time now.  The technology offered 
by IIS, ASP, VB etc has become a little, err, boring, and rather than 
learning .NET I decided to investigate dotGNU (hey Im not buying visual 
studio .NET for home use, so if Im going to be working with a free SDK from 
command-line, why not do it in Linux and at least enjoy the experience).

Anyways, I have installed, built & configured dgee etc from cvs, got it to the 
point where most of it seems to be running - at least I can get the DGEE 
examples up in apache.

When I start DGEE it fails to start DGpnetVM, which does not seem to be able 
to locate according to the log. This is located in 
/usr/local/lib/pnet/  but that does not seem to be included in the 
environment vars set up for DGEE, tho /usr/local/lib/dgee is.  Should I add 
the pnet lib to one of the DGEE environment vars ?

Also when I ran make in the DGEE examples dir it gave what looked like serious 
errors, but created the dll & dgmx files anyway.  Is that normal, or an 
indication I have something configured wrong ?  see below...

/usr/local/bin/cscc -Wall -g -shared -o wstestClient.dll wstestClient.cs 
-L../cslib/System/Web/Services -L../cslib/System/Web -L../cslib/DotGNU/XmlRpc 
-lSystem.Web -lSystem.Web.Services -lDotGNU.XmlRpc
wstestClient.cs:35: invalid type specification `XmlRpcClientProtocol'
wstestClient.cs:44: invalid type specification `XmlRpcClientProtocol'
wstestClient.cs:53: invalid type specification `XmlRpcClientProtocol'
wstestClient.cs:32: invalid type specification `(null)'
wstestClient.cs:32: `int' does not inherit from `System.Attribute'
wstestClient.cs:41: invalid type specification `(null)'
wstestClient.cs:41: `int' does not inherit from `System.Attribute'
wstestClient.cs:50: invalid type specification `(null)'
wstestClient.cs:50: `int' does not inherit from `System.Attribute'
make: *** [wstestClient.dll] Error 1

I am not sure where to start with all this, I am probably most interested in 
putting together some web services to skill up on C#, but intelligent client 
UI is the area I am most interested in.  At least I have a vague idea what Im 
doing there...

Where to now ?  Is there much documentation and/or examples of web services to 
work thru ?  What areas of dotGNU should I be looking at for testing etc.

Les Ferguson
Health information systems developer
Waitakere, NZ

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