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[DotGNU]Lock/Unlock patch for 0.6.0

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: [DotGNU]Lock/Unlock patch for 0.6.0
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 22:12:55 GMT

Apply to pnet/support/file.c.  There was one problem with the version
I posted earlier: the return values were switched.

I tested this various ways -- removing part of a lock and acquiring it
in another process, etc -- and everything seemed to work out OK.  Of
course, you will have casting problems if the position and length
arguments (which are C# 64bit longs) don't fit in a long int (which is
32bit on 32bit systems), but I figure that's not much of a problem,
unless you want to support LFS.

Anyway, I just learned Submit buttons, so when a new pnet and pnetlib
appear with these fixes, I will release ha'comment 1.0, for
integration into some pnet sample archive if you like.

Stephen Compall or s11 or sirian

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