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Re: [DotGNU]Xsharp on Win32?

From: HJ
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Xsharp on Win32?
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 16:32:31 -0800 (PST)

--- Rhys Weatherley <address@hidden> wrote:
> Currently the "XsharpSupport.dll" library isn't built as a DLL
> under Windows, 
> and so it cannot be loaded as yet.  Some autoconf/automake/libtool
> magic is 
> required to make this work, and we're not yet sure what that magic
> is.

gcc  -mno-cygwin -g -O2 --shared  -o libXsharpSupport.dll

Done manually after a normal 'Makefile'-based build/install.
cp libXsharpSupport.dll to the install directory (for me:
/usr/local/lib/cscc/lib) and fire-away.

dotgnu-clock launches it seems, but I suppose the X11 drawing isn't
quite so complete: I get a blank, titled window, and XHello
complains about incorrect widget sizes (stacktrace below), but I've
also heard it's not-quite working.

Nevertheless, pnet seems happy as a clam with the DLL built with
that line.  As for *conf hacking... it isn't my field, but if this
'method' has a 'blessing' I'll tinker with it -- unless someone else
would just like to do it.  ;)


Uncaught exception: Xsharp.XException: Invalid widget size specified
        at Xsharp.InputOnlyWidget..ctor(Widget, Int32, Int32, Int32,
Int32, Color, Boolean, Boolean) in .InputOnlyWidget.cs
        at Xsharp.InputOutputWidget..ctor(Widget, Int32, Int32,
Int32, Int32, Color, Color, Boolean, Boolean)
        at Xsharp.TopLevelWindow..ctor(Screen, String, Int32, Int32)
        at Xsharp.TopLevelWindow..ctor(String, Int32, Int32)
        at XHello..ctor(String, Int32, Int32, Image)
        at XHello.Main(String[]) in .XHello.cs

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