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[DotGNU]Message posting request

From: j_post
Subject: [DotGNU]Message posting request
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 13:07:44 -0800

Due to the volume of spam, especially those with swen virus email attachments 
that take way too long to download, I've had popsneaker running on my system 
for some time. Popsneaker, for those who might not know of it, deletes emails 
from the server before the user sees them. I know of their existance only 
through the minimal info popsneaker puts in the log file.

Lately there have been several messages from dotgnu people that have 
triggered popsneaker.

I humbly request that you do not post messages in such a way that they look 
too much like spam:

Please don't put certain words in the subject line in all caps, such as 
"MONEY", "URGENT", "FREE", and others that are obvious favorites of spammers. 
Other words will trigger popsneaker whether or not they are in all caps, such 
as "credit", "consumer", "customer", and even "diploma". Also avoid words in 
the subject line referring to pharmaceuticals of various types, and words 
having to do with (*ahem*) personal matters.

Please don't put more than a few email addresses in the To or CC fields (my 
configuration rejects any message with six or more). Spammers love to send 
their crap to a bunch of people at one time.

Thanks for your consideration,

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