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[DotGNU]Stream vs FileStream and some random scrambling

From: Brett L Trotter
Subject: [DotGNU]Stream vs FileStream and some random scrambling
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 08:33:04 -0600
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I was working on a separate project the other day and i noticed that my output 
from Stream.WriteByte/Write was getting written out of sequence.

for instance:
Stream fs = File.Open(....etc);
would produce the output in the file of 0x02, 0x01.
I tried shoving Flush statements in there and it was no help.

So, then i thought id see if it was some kind of coding error, but yet the 
code works happily on VS.NET. In anycase, i threw together a function that 
writes bytes 0 to 255, and those seemed to write in proper order.

Next, i changed all instances of Stream to FileStream and the problem went 

I havent been able to replicate the problem, but i havent spent that much time 
on it either. I was wondering if anybody had noticed similar behavior at any 

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