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[DotGNU]Standalone apps Mac OS X

From: Andrew Edwardson
Subject: [DotGNU]Standalone apps Mac OS X
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 17:11:30 -0000

Hi list,

I have written a small test harness in C# on the Mac that calls a shared
lib (Dylib) on the Mac that interfaces to QT (Trolltech GUI toolkit).

Ok I drop to Terminal...

Run ilrun qtest.exe 

And hey presto my gui pops up with a push button.

Now my problems start. Mouse isnt responding and my title bar is not
showing on the top of the screen (Terminal is)

How do I make a standalone app on the Mac? I have read something about
an application bundle .app which seems to infer that unless you create
one of these then your app will not connect to Mac OS x Windows server.

But I am confused about where to create this and even how. I noticed QT#
(The c-sharp bindings) doesn't work on the Mac so I guess there are no
answers there.

I guess I have to create an app that wraps up "ilrun" but then I don't
really know.

Wonder if WxWindows has any answers. Or even better anybody trying to
talk to QT from C# on the Mac?


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