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[DotGNU]Treecc / Bison - List rule best pattern

From: sergio
Subject: [DotGNU]Treecc / Bison - List rule best pattern
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 15:00:36 -0000 (WET)
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I hope not being of topic here.
I am currently changing a free Informix 4gl compiler that have code
generation in sematic actions of bison to use an AST. The parser is bison,
the lexer is C++ and all is built to be reentrant.

The main goal with this version is the cleaness, simplicity and
maintainabilty of the code.

I have choosed to use treecc because the code in bison and in .tc will
keep very clear and short.

In some rules, however i do not get a clear and short code.

I want to create a simple optional list (wich is one a very common rule in
the parser).

The tipicall bison code is:
    | function_list

    : abstract_function
    | function_list abstract_function

If i make the AST by hand tipically i create a vector in a class called
FunctionList and an AddFunction() method that pushes the new Function into
In treecc i dont know how to do it.
Please someone tell me a simple (keep in mind that the goal is simplicity)
pattern to implement this in my parser ?

Thanks In Advance
Sérgio Ferreira

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