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[DotGNU] The ECMA working group process

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: [DotGNU] The ECMA working group process
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2004 08:17:15 +1000
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On Saturday 07 February 2004 11:36 pm, Fergus Henderson wrote:

> Have you asked about joining as an individual, or as a representative of
> GNU (i.e. the FSF, which is a non-profit organization)?

It wouldn't help with the "you must attend face to face meetings in the US" 
question.  Joining the ECMA does not guarantee membership in a working group: 
you must be separately invited.  Besides, if GNU is going to join, it needs 
to be wider than just those interested in C#, with more than just I.  The 
same group also deals with ECMAScript and C++ issues.  We'd need dozens of 
GNU participants, and right now getting one in the door is difficult.

Despite all this, I did try to initiate contact a while ago.  I submitted a 
description of the pnet object file format to the working group, via the 
chair.  The answer came back as "we are busy with other stuff at the moment 
and so the group decided not to consider it at this time".

Fine, they're busy, but then I have a number of questions.  Did the group 
members think I was on the right track?  Should I look at other things to 
improve my proposal (e.g. Microsoft's C/C++ compiler)?  On what date should I 
resubmit an improved proposal, if at all?  Do the group members think that 
standardizing object files is unnecessary, and why?  No response as yet.

It's like a suggestion box - you put stuff in, but you get very little out 
except "thanks for your suggestion" or "please call later".

(If any group members are watching this, then please, please jump in and give 
your side of the story).



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