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[DotGNU]cscc-c compiled with cscc-c

From: Ilyak
Subject: [DotGNU]cscc-c compiled with cscc-c
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 17:48:06 +0300
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Is someone interested in possibility of compiling cscc-c (and later, the whole pnet compiler and support program suite) with cscc-c to CIL?
I have tried to do that, like:
CC=cscc ./configure
then make in all dependencies dirs, errors, vim file.c, make, ..., cscc -shared -o libILfoo.dll *.o;

finally, i have got an executable. I can't run it, however: ilrun fails to find System.UInt64.ToString and System.Int64.FromString.
MS CLR throws exception i can't remember now, didn't tried with mono.

How about it? Does anyone like this initiative? Will provide exellent test case for cscc-c, btw.

Problems i faced:
libc is very very, eh, ascetic :(
./configure handles most of things (i thought: "Why does it make that number of checks?" - understood)! while not all. absence of some headers - had to copy them to /u/s/c/include, most notable memory.h.
some cscc-c bugs (will report)
calls are #ifdef'ed mostly, while not always. Example: in file.c most stat()s are #ifdef HAVE_STAT'ed, with the exception of one.

and, creating .dlls - codegen depends on c_main.o and cscc/common, cscc/common depends on codegen, cscc/c depends on codegen :) had to link them all statically - cscc -o cscc-c.exe -l support/libILSupport.dll -l image/libILImage.dll -l dumpasm/libILDumpasm.dll cscc/c_main.o codegen/*.o cscc/common/*.o cscc/c/*.o finally went fine.

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