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[DotGNU]RE: Question about IDE

From: Simon Guindon
Subject: [DotGNU]RE: Question about IDE
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 23:16:23 -0500

I'm the author of the app in the screenshot.  The screenshot is fairly old
(3 months I think?) and I haven't done much work since because I now work
full time and have much less time on my hands, but I've seen the interest on
the list spurt up a bit and was recommended by gopal to give a snapshot of
the code so I cleaned it up but there are still some issues.

Basically the IDE consists of real basic winforms controls so it can run on
PNET as well as .NET, the one exception being the code editor.  It uses
SharpDevelop's code editor, but we have had many problems with it on PNET,
but it does "work" for the most part.  We are working on some

Currently the IDE doesn't compile fully (won't compile sharpdevelop's code).
This could be because I haven't setup the csant project properly, I'm not
sure.  It will compile in VS.NET and run on PNET though for the time being
until I fix that issue.

What does the IDE do currently?:
- Load csant based projects ( for a sample
project from pnetlib, load that in PSTUDIO)
- View files (click events on treeview don't work currently on pnet so you
need to file|open manually for now)
- Compiles the csant project & display errors in the output textbox (much
like VS)
- Debug | Start menu option allows starting your compiled application

What it doesn't do?:
- Probably a whole lot lol
- Doesn't load VS or SharpDevelop solution/combine files but thats a
possibility for later.

Is this IDE useful for coding yet? no but I hope some day it could.  If
someone wants to contribute code thats great.  Not many people have put
their eyes on the code so I'm very curious as to what people think.

Don't expect a whole lot at the moment but I hope theres promise.  If
someone wants to contribute code, thats great!

Here's the links:
Portable Studio snapshot:
sample project to try compiling & running (FormsMdi.exe from pnetlib CVS)

Take care,

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