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[DotGNU]c compiler: Problems with constants

From: Alan Jenkins
Subject: [DotGNU]c compiler: Problems with constants
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 09:06:42 +0000
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gcc will compile the folowing code, but cscc produces errors for the last two 

test.c:8: constant value required
test.c:9: constant value required

main () {
        /* sizeof void * and long appear to be compile-time constants */
                char c [sizeof (long)];
                char d [sizeof (void *)];
        /* but not if you add one... */
                char c [sizeof (long) + 1];
                char d [sizeof (void *) + 1];
        /* but addition of literal constants doesn't cause problems... */
                char c [8 + 1];
                char d [4 + 1];

I also discovered that the following compiles on gcc but not cscc (syntax 
error, unexpected 'int').  I don't know how important this is:

main ()
        int i;
                /* do nothing*/
        int j;

I guess this is because cscc assumes that something apart from variable 
declarations happens inside the subblock - which excludes futher variable 
declarations i.e. the declaration of j - at the parsing level.  Presumably 
gcc leaves this check until later when it can see that the subblock contains 
nothing that is not a variable declaration inside.

Thanks in advance

Alan Jenkins

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