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[DotGNU]method calls and extra indirection

From: Gomi Kapoor
Subject: [DotGNU]method calls and extra indirection
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 18:18:02 +0100 (BST)

Hi all,
Let's say there is a method as follows:


While converting the CIL code of A to CVM, the calls
to B and C would be converted to call_extern (since B
and C are not yet translated into CVM). 

After the conversion and executing (interpreting) the 
method A, those call_externs would do the conversion
of the methods B and C into CVM and execute them.

For the first time, it is required to have the
call_extern. But in the second call to A, wouldn't
call_extern be an extra indirection?(because now we
have B and C already converted to CVM) Does pnet 
intellegently convert the call_extern into call
after the conversion? Would you mind pointing me to
the appropriate code?

And a general question:
What are the tools you generally use to read the code?
(Sorry, I am a relatively new to Linux and feeling a
bit cumbersome to statically read through the code. 
I tried debugging but with lots of macros in pnet, it
is becoming quite difficult to debug)

Gomi Kapoor

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