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[DotGNU]Re: [Mono-list] I give up

From: Joop
Subject: [DotGNU]Re: [Mono-list] I give up
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 08:05:41 +0200
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Hi lists, (hope this does not get mis-understood... I'm not subscribed to any of the non-mono-lists :-( although I maybe should be) this problem I have seen with Mono and the other .NET implementations is just the problem the original poster poses. There is not "real commitment to"/"clear road-a-head for"/"direction in" supporting the GUI side of things. The GUI is left far behind compared to the file/networking/HTML/server etc. etc. support in these .NET implementations. This is why it is not yet fully usable to all those developers that only want to create a 'simple' GUI application. Hope this will change soon as I do have the desire to go an write some nice programs in .NET. I just don't have the need to all the file/networking/HTML/server stuff yet.
Joop Zonnet

Giuseppe Greco wrote:
Hi Marcus,

Of course, Mono is still under development, but the most
important components are there, and they work. Here, at
Agamura, we are developing a sophisticated online gaming
delivery network on Linux with Mono, and up to now, we
have had just few problems... Furthermore, when we report
a bug, it is always fixed in a short time!

Mono's implementation of ASP.NET is also usable and
mod_mono/apache seems to be faster than .NET/ISS.

We use NAnt as build tool, and we are able to compile a
project either on Linux or MS Windows with no changes
(even if we compile on Windows just for test purposes).

I think Mono will be one of the best .NET alternatives...
and don't forget that behind Mono there is a company
like Novell...

So, don't feel frustrated and go ahead.


After trying to work with Mono, Portable.NET, Qt, and KDE, I've realized
I'm fighting a battle that I cannot win. Mono supports Gtk# (and GTK+) to
exclusion of any other platform. Portable.NET is behind their own SWF
implementation, but at least they are a bit more agnostic. The Qt/KDE
community seems to find the entire concept of C# and its use of metadata
JIT compilation repulsive.

I'm tired of trying and failing. I'm tired of having no one to support me.
tired of feeling isolated and alone.

It's just not worth it. Maybe I will end up Windows XP and .NET. Who
knows. I
just know that the Free software community has got to be the most hostile
intolerant group of people I have ever encountered.
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Giuseppe Greco


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