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[DotGNU]C# documentation comments in pnetlib

From: Baron Schwartz
Subject: [DotGNU]C# documentation comments in pnetlib
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 18:22:15 -0400 (EDT)

I've been browsing through some of pnetlib and see that there's not much
C# documentation comments in the code, though many files do have them.  
My first thought was, "it doesn't matter since we'd just be duplicating
the MS .NET Framework documentation if we DID put them in."  But on the
other hand, those comments are used for a lot of stuff such as pop-up tips
in IntelliSense in Visual Studio.  Someday, when there are more IDEs,
that'd be nice to have in the pnetlib classes, too -- so many developers
think it's indispensable to have those tips (we Vim users don't notice
their presence ;-)  Anyway, I could see lack of pop-up tips as a barrier 
to adoption.

Two questions:

1) does adding such documentation count as worthy of a patch?  I'd be 
willing to add them to the System.Xml classes, which I hope to contribute 
to.  It would help me learn these classes better.

2) Are there any license issues?  Can we legally add similar or identical 
documentation as exists in the MS .NET documentation?

Baron (Xaprb on IRC).

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