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Re: [DotGNU]fxcop

From: Marcus
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]fxcop
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 15:51:26 -0500
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The "if (val.Length == 0)" does not seem very intuitive in the context of 
determine whether a string is empty or not. A better solution would seem to 
be to optimize the comparison of "if (val == String.Empty)".

Also, my understanding was that all string constants declared in a program 
would be interned, so that a simple pointer comparison could be done.

Given all that, I'm not sure why the val.Length version is so much faster.

On Friday 30 April 2004 8:06 am, Gopal V wrote:
> Compare
> if(val.Length == 0)
> and
> if(val == String.Empty)
> tell me which gives an exception when val is null ?

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