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[DotGNU]Hello World!

From: Carl-Adam Brengesjö
Subject: [DotGNU]Hello World!
Date: Sat, 1 May 2004 16:29:27 +0200
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How are you gentlemen?

I forgot to introduce myself on the list in the beginning, so I figured I'd do 
that now.
Some of you may recognize me from the IRC channel (#dotgnu), known by
the handle "ptha" or "ptah".

My name is Carl-Adam Brengesjo, i'm 18 years old, live in Sweden (Jonkoping)
and have almost completed a three year IT-programming education (just six 
weeks to go, yay!).

To rate my programming/developing skills...
I'm (very) competent with C#, experienced beginner with C/C++. And almost 
hacker-level with PHP (though PHP isn't a program language of choice with 
pnet, but I like to brag ;)

Because of my lack of experience and knowledge in programming/developing 
(though I'm very skilled for my age) I'm just lerking the list and channel in 
hopes of learning new stuff :)

Well, that's about it. I hope, in some way, to be able to contribute to this 
project. And in case you're wondering about something (anything!), feel free 
to ask at any time.

Carl-Adam Brengesjö

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