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Re: [DotGNU]Re: DotGNU Ported to PocketPC

From: Vitaliy Pronkin
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Re: DotGNU Ported to PocketPC
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 01:47:17 +0400
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Linux provides set of libraries and system calls other applications are based 
on. So if
some app uses them and Linux runs on some device then that application will work
on that device.  

Another question is that on such special devices as pocket pcs there are 
input methods, maybe x11 server and so on. That's why there's special class in 
to control Input Panel that don't exist in desktop version of .NET runtime. So 
I think dotGNU
will run on any linux device but maybe it won't support all its special 
features. If we are
talking only about runtime engine then I think it will of course work because 
it doesn't matter
for it, what libraries it works with, it only matters that it can work on some 
processor and
on top of some libraries provided by linux.


On Sunday 13 June 2004 01:56, Alex Stephens wrote:
> On 2004-06-13 00:44:37 +0400,  wrote:
> > ÷ ÓÏÏÂÝÅÎÉÉ ÏÔ Sunday 13 June 2004 00:04 Alex Stephens ÎÁÐÉÓÁÌ(a):
> > 
> > > I would like to use .NET apps on Linux pocket PC's (AFAIK the MS .NET
> > > runtime is not available for Linux Pocket PC's). I'm sure there are people
> > > who would like to develop on pocket PC's, however, I would rather use a
> > > desktop. I hope the dotGNU runtime is ported to pocket PC at some point.
> > As far as I know, DotGNU works quite well on linux pocket PCs (i.e. GUI on 
> > ipaqs and cli on zaurus for now).
> > 
> Okay. Thanks.
> > Linux is always linux,
> A truism :)
> in fact, and it _is_ supported, regardless of in what 
> > device do it reside :)
> Do you mean dotGNU supports linux on any device? I'm not sure that this is 
> true. Does anyone actually know?
> Regards,
> Alex
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