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[DotGNU]Winforms Theming

From: Simon Guindon
Subject: [DotGNU]Winforms Theming
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 19:54:02 -0400

Hello all, its been awhile since I contacted the list with the progress from myself and David Sansome.
I've been working on getting the code more proper and CVS friendly.  After talking with Gopal and a few others we decided the best route is to get pnetlib in the manner that its theming-ready and I release a seperate package with an example them so people can try and we can get some feedback about our work.
I think this is a good start and much better than the previous attempt I released to the mailing list.
Basically the package I have includes 3 things:
DIR: libwinformsqt
the small c++ Qt painting library we pinvoke, build it and install.
PATCH: winforms-theme.patch       
contains small changes to pnetlib to make DefaultThemePainter public so we can override it and inherit its already working painting methods.  Also modifies ThemeManager to dynamically load a themer assembly the same way ToolKit allows, via env variables or command line parameters.  If any error occurs during loading the overriden it uses DefaultThemePainter instead. No autodetecting environment occurs yet.  Patch this into pnetlib and build/install pnetlib.
DIR: System.Windows.Forms.Themes.Qt
This contains the themer itself that calls the libwinformsqt library.  Build and install this.
To run enable the themer when running a winforms application simply execute:
ilrun FormsTest.exe --theme=Qt
ilrun FormsTest.exe --theme=System.Windows.Forms.Themes.Qt
Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  It is still very much a work in progress
but I hope this is a big step in getting people to try it and getting it into a more proper form.
Also if anyone could commit the changes in winforms-theme.patch into CVS that would be great.
Thanks and take care,

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