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Re: [DotGNU]Qt Theming being a GPL violation

From: Michael Moore
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Qt Theming being a GPL violation
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 13:00:37 -0400

>   I don't know much about licenses but my goal for all
>   this themer stuff was to make the end users
>   experience as integrated and seamless as I could in
>   an automatic way.  If you were in KDE, you got the
>   Qt themer, if you were in gnome, GTK themer,
>   windows, XP themer etc.  Some discussion was
>   mentioned it might have to be a seperate package
>   that users have to install.  That kind of defeats
>   the purpose if pnetlib is to be put into distro's
>   because nobody would have that integration.

Creating two seperate packages to avoid non-GPL'd software being installed by 
default is becoming more common. A recent example, Redhat removed MP3 
support from xmms (although not really a GPL issue). Either way, packages were 
still available with mp3 support, although not directly from Redhat (so maybe 
not the best example). 

Anyway, two packages could be built-- a GPL and non-GPL version. Users would 
then have to download the non-GPL version (not include it in distros 
repositories). Does this avoid the 'GPL violations' if users 1) have a choice 
2) are 
notified about Qt's non-GPL license?

This seems like the best way to still allow 'automatic' theming if users don't 
mind the use of a non-GPL licensed software. 

My two cents,



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