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[DotGNU]Portable.NET 0.6.8 released

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: [DotGNU]Portable.NET 0.6.8 released
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2004 11:15:26 +1000
User-agent: KMail/1.4.3

Portable.NET 0.6.8, treecc 0.3.2, and libjit 0.0.4 has been released:

Web Page:

Another big release this time, with lots of contributions from the
DotGNU community.  This is great to see!  Keep up the good work!

NEWS entries and signed MD5 checksums for the above files are appended
to this message.

(Note: pnet doesn't use libjit yet - it was just easier to release
everything at once).



Portable.NET 0.6.8 (8 August 2004)

Runtime engine:

* Module.GetTypes and Assembly.GetExportedTypes internalcall (Gopal V).
* Fixes to IL offset determination in the method cache (Gopal V).
* "synchronized" method handling (Thong Nguyen).
* Be careful not to notify finalizers during allocation (Thong Nguyen).
* Inlining of Math functions (Thong Nguyen).
* Inlining simple properties that get/set fields (Thong Nguyen).
* Various fixes in the finalizer code (Thong Nguyen).
* Thread aborting (Thong Nguyen).
* Using signals to detect NULL references and the like (Thong Nguyen).
* Thread execution contexts (Thong Nguyen).
* Dns and Socket internalcalls (Gopal V).
* GCAddrOfPinnedObject fixes (Llewellyn Pritchard).
* Extended console support (Rhys Weatherley).

C# Compiler:

* Correct line numbers for argumentvar nodes (Gopal V).
* Fixes to identifier resolution (Gopal V).
* Coercion fixes in the arguments to user-defined operators (Gopal V).
* Create nested classes in the proper order (Gopal V).
* Null values and IntPtr (Gopal V).
* Fixes for indexers on value types (Gopal V).
* Assign add operations involving strings and objects (Gopal V).
* Standalone assembly attributes (Rhys Weatherley).
* Resolve classes before allocating heap objects (Gopal V).
* Fix do ... while grammar to require a terminating ';' (Gopal V).
* Add the "-fhidebyname" and "-fhidebysig" options (Rhys Weatherley).
* Error message for private interface modifiers (Gopal V).
* Check for event types before performing add/remove operations (Gopal V).

C Compiler:

* Fix ILNode_GetType for C strings (Gopal V).
* Fix semantic analysis for member accesses (Gopal V).

Loader and Metadata:

* CompareUnicode not working correctly (Thong Nguyen).
* ILClassImplements on a class should return true for itself (T. Nguyen).
* Serialization of null strings in attribute blocks (Rhys Weatherley).
* Recognise "OptionalAttribute" and "DefaultValueAttribute" (Rhys W).
* Resolve classes in "TypeAssignCompatible" (Gopal V).
* Recognise generic classes in files generated by .NET 2.0 (Rhys W).


* Resource linking problems (Llewellyn Pritchard).
* Obey "AssemblyVersionAttribute" if it is present (Rhys Weatherley).
* "-fmetadata-version" option (Rhys Weatherley).
* "-fculture" option (Rhys Weatherley).

Platform Support:

* Compilation fixes for 64-bit (Andrzej Dopierala).
* Utilities for lists and queues (Thong Nguyen).
* Various windows build fixes (Thong Nguyen).
* ILGetSinceRebootTime for non-Windows platforms (Thong Nguyen).
* Faster versions of volatile and interlocked functions (Thong Nguyen).
* Daylight savings problem (David Logan).
* Deal with trailing whitespace in response files (Rhys Weatherley).
* OpenBSD support (Saul Hazledine).
* Support for parallel builds (Gopal V).
* Fix interlock functions for amd64 (Gopal V).


* Update the HACKING file (Klaus Treichel).
* Typo in the ilgac manual (Richard Baumann).

pnetlib 0.6.8 (8 August 2004)

System.Windows.Forms & System.Drawing:

* Missing attributes and profile fixes (Klaus Treichel).
* BeginInvoke for WinForms (David Logan).
* Hotkey prefixes in DrawString (Thomas Fritzsche, Gopal V).
* ErrorProvider, HelpProvider (Gopal V).
* Image list deserialization (Gopal V).
* Bitmap cloning between different pixel formats (Gopal V).
* Scroll bar flickering in TextBox (Gopal V).
* Fixes to DomainUpDown (Klaus Treichel).
* ContextMenu and minimize/maximize fixes (Neil Cawse).
* Export the theme classes for external theme assemblies (Simon Guindon).
* IsTopLevel is not supposed to be true for MDI children (Gopal V).
* Set ActiveMdiChild properly (Gopal V).
* Data binding classes (Adam Ballai).
* New back end for TextBox (Richard Baumann).
* Stub Form.CenterToScreen (Gopal V).
* Image conversion and sizing (Neil Cawse).
* Draw tabs before tab pages (Neil Cawse).
* Transparency mask calculations for 32-bit images (Gopal V).
* Implement the properies in ToolTip (Deryk Robosson).
* MouseHover events (Deryk Robosson).
* Fix TreeView event handlers (Gopal V).
* Improvements to string drawing and measuring (Richard Baumann).
* Fixes to ImageList container constructor (Richard Baumann).


* Now safe to acquire locks in finalizers (Thong Nguyen).
* GetHdc/ReleaseHdc for Xsharp (Thong Nguyen, Richard Baumann).
* Allow external access to X display and drawable (Simon Guindon).
* Adjustments to how fonts are created (Richard Baumann).
* Borderless windows (Richard Baumann, Deryk Robosson).
* Set the proper mask for window reconfiguration (Deryk Robosson).
* Width calculation for xft fonts (Richard Baumann).


* System color resolution for System.Drawing (Maciek Plewa).
* Optimize SwapRGB (Neil Cawse).
* Theme engine for WinXP (Maciek Plewa).


* BinHex support (Klaus Treichel).
* IsEmpty behaviour for non-empty elements (Richard Baumann).
* Property setter for InnerXml (Richard Baumann).
* GetEntity functionality (Deryk Robosson).
* Temporarily import Mono's XML serialization (Richard Baumann).
* Prefix and namespace handling in XML writers (Richard Baumann).
* Partial implementation of node importing (Gopal V).

Serialization and Remoting:

* Uri property in IMethodMessage and its derivatives (Gopal V).


* Make optional an default parameters working correctly (Rhys Weatherley).
* Interaction, Conversion, ErrObject, Strings, Utils (Rhys Weatherley).
* Financial, DateAndTime, File, FileSystem (Rhys Weatherley).
* ECMA-compliant parsing of hex/octal integers (Rhys Weatherley).
* Various signature-compatibility fixes (Rhys Weatherley).


* Dns fixes (Gopal V).
* Uncomment ServicePoint property (Klaus Treichel).


* Fix default timeout for "TryEnter" (Thong Nguyen).
* Bugs in timer unit tests (Russell Stuart).
* Minimize the number of completion threads (David Logan).
* Mutex tests (Thong Nguyen).

Culture Handling:

* Cloning of DateTimeFormat/NumberFormat (Klaus Treichel).
* Use CurrentUICulture in resource managers (Richard Baumann).

.NET 2.0 Compatibility:

* Update profiles to 2.0 beta compatibility (Rhys Weatherley).
* System.ComponentModel (Rhys Weatherley).
* Add the "System.Deployment" assembly (Rhys Weatherley).
* System.IO.Compression (Rhys Weatherley).
* Updates to the extended console implementation (Rhys Weatherley).
* System.Runtime.CompilerServices (Rhys Weatherley).
* System.Runtime.ConstrainedExecution (Rhys Weatherley).
* System.Runtime.Reliability (Rhys Weatherley).
* System.Runtime.InteropServices (Rhys Weatherley).
* System.Reflection (Rhys Weatherley).
* System.Security.AccessControl (Rhys Weatherley).
* Microsoft.Win32.* namespaces (Rhys Weatherley).
* Implementation of the "sysglobl.dll" assembly (Rhys Weatherley).
* New Visual C++ marker classes (Rhys Weatherley).
* User-defined cultures and regions (Rhys Weatherley).


* Fake AppDomain creation for the time being (Gopal V).
* Fixes to System.Collections classes (Gopal V).
* Update System.Text.RegularExpressions from Mono (Klaus Treichel).
* Report dll name in "DllNotFoundException" messages (Thong Nguyen).
* Fix String.ToCharArray (Klaus Treichel).
* Give an error in the DCOP sample if KDE is not running (Gopal V).
* DateTime formatting problems (Heiko Weiss).
* Allow directories with trailing slashes to be created (Heiko Weiss).
* Allow GetField | GetProperty to be used in reflection (Rhys Weatherley).
* Update the HACKING file (Klaus Treichel).
* Number parsing (Klaus Treichel, Gopal V).
* Csc compile fixes (Chris Ferell, Neil Cawse).
* Remove version information from assembly names to get the name
  of a resource assembly (David Logan).
* Set the correct metadata version from the profiles (Rhys Weatherley).
* Small fix to FileSystemWatcher.Path property (Gopal V).

pnetC 0.6.8 (8 August 2004)

* Fix spinlocks to use CompareExchange, not Exchange (Thong Nguyen).
* Update HACKING file (Klaus Treichel).
* Detect the patch for "cscc-cpp" correctly (Rhys Weatherley).

ml-pnet 0.6.8 (8 August 2004)

* Add nunit20 and wsdl tools (Klaus Treichel).
* Mono.Http, System.Messaging.Design (Klaus Treichel).
* System.Runtime.Remoting, System.Data.OracleClient (Klaus Treichel).
* Support for running Mono's nunit tests cases (Klaus Treichel).
* Exclude Mono.Posix temporarily because of cscc issues (Klaus Treichel).
* Rename "nunit-console" to "nunit-console-pnet" to prevent clashes
  with Mono installations (Rhys Weatherley).

treecc 0.3.2 (8 August 2004)

* Fixes for parallel builds (Gopal V).

libjit 0.0.4 (8 August 2004)

* Pluggable object models.
* Problems with "gen-apply" on Win32 systems.
* Optimize "if true goto" into "goto".
* Peephole optimization on branches.
* Adjust ARM codegen macros to support branch elimination instructions.
* Redesign exception handling to use "setjmp" everywhere.
* Remove C++ code from "" so that it is a pure C library.
* Use computed goto's in the interpreter if the compiler supports them.
* Don't allow conditional branches to jump out of exception contexts.
* Block movement to allow initialization code to be moved to the start
  of a function, or loop condition code to be moved to the end.
* Rewrite the exception region routines to make them easier to use.
* Add the "gen-sel" program, for creating instruction selectors.
* Write instruction selectors for x86 and ARM (only x86 is enabled).
* Portability fixes for ARM, PPC, Alpha, IA64, and amd64.
* Clarify the description of LLVM, at the request of LLVM's author.
* Deferred argument popping after function calls.
* Add "--enable-interpreter" to force the interpreter to be used.
* Implement a simple global register allocator based on usage counts.
* Recognise increment and decrement idioms.
* Align cache flushes properly (Miroslaw Dobrzanski-Neumann).
* Querying of x86 cpuid where necessary.
* Add a constant pool for ARM, to make constant loads more efficient.
* Handle register pairs for 64-bit values properly.
* Support for parameter areas on the stack, to reduce push/pop overhead.
* Avoid unnecessary register spills if a value won't be used again.
* Implement tail calls from a function to itself.
* Optimize x86 prologs and epilogs to avoid doing unnecessry work.
* Centralise the code that handles parameter passing.
* Support for parallel builds.

Hash: SHA1

55406d68ecff9a1e56b7e09f2ba256c7  ml-pnet-0.6.8.tar.gz
8640255197f34ac155fd49140692cdae  pnet-0.6.8.tar.gz
ebb141da753e958c9a9491231deb591b  pnetC-0.6.8.tar.gz
1b383a96b908527303f0330040d9c3e9  pnetbin-0.6.8.tar.gz
ea5e80327aa5ac0f728c1ef3f5a4d95f  pnetlib-0.6.8.tar.gz
10eb2beae1db7841ad6e3c054e59c740  treecc-0.3.2.tar.gz
eda01981d60a996434d3d4e36c84d6c2  libjit-0.0.4.tar.gz
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