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[DotGNU] [ANN] ANTLR 2.7.5 Release Candidate 2 is now available

From: Kunle Odutola
Subject: [DotGNU] [ANN] ANTLR 2.7.5 Release Candidate 2 is now available
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 23:43:28 -0000


We have just released ANTLR 2.7.5 RC2. ANTLR is an easy to use tool that
generates human-friendly source code for lexers, parsers and tree
walkers/parsers from language grammars. The generated code is similar to
what a developer might manually and is therefore easy to understand.

The ANTLR toolkit provides a framework for constructing language processing
tools (such as analysers, compilers and translators ) in C#, Java, C++ and
Python. The language description grammars usually contain embedded C#, Java,
C++ or Python action code.

New and notable in v2.7.5:
- Python code generation
- Vastly improved support for installation and C# code generation for Mono
on Linux, Mac OS X and other Unixes
- Full support for using C# with the Mono CLR platform (GUI support now
isolated in separate runtime assembly dll)
- Preliminary support for using C# with the dotGNU CLR platform (all C#
examples should work)

More information about ANTLR is available on the website:

ANTLR 2.7.5 RC2 can be downloaded here:

The ANTLR mailing list is here:

Kunle Odutola

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