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[DotGNU] Portable.NET 0.6.12 released

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: [DotGNU] Portable.NET 0.6.12 released
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 10:52:17 +1000
User-agent: KMail/1.4.3

Portable.NET 0.6.12 and treecc 0.3.6 have been released:

Web Page:

Lots and lots of bug fixes this release.  Details below.



Portable.NET 0.6.12 (16 January 2005)

Runtime engine:

* Beginning of PPC unroller implementation (Gopal V).

C# Compiler:

* Compatibility with /debug flags in csc (Gopal V).
* Handling of method/property/etc declarations that hide base
  class virtuals and access checks for same (Richard Baumann).


* Information on debugging the unroller with gdb (Gopal V).

Platform Support:

* Use a portable version of tparm to match Susv3 specs (Gopal V).
* Case sensitivity during comparisons (Klaus Treichel).
* EAX vs REG_EAX usage in interrupt_posix (Gopal V).
* Fix cache flush logic for PPC (Gopal V).
* Skip empty lines in "@file" response files (Stephen Compall).

pnetlib 0.6.12 (16 January 2005)

System.Windows.Forms & System.Drawing:

* Raise ListBox.SelectedValueChanged before SelectedIndexChanged
  (Stefan Lang).
* Fix default background color for StatusBar (Simon Guindon).
* Fix minor bug in ListViewItem.SizeSubItemArray (Marc Haisenko).
* Move controls down in stacking order correctly (Klaus Treichel).
* Transparent background colors in PictureBox (Klaus Treichel).
* Check for Win32 errors in SetWindowLong properly (Thong Nguyen).
* Ensure that Form.OnLoad is only generated once (Gopal V).
* Implement TrackBar (Deryk Robosson).
* Matrix.Clone implementation (Erik Pfeifle).
* Work around one-off bug in DrawString (Erich Kitzmuller).
* Missing ToString methods in Forms classes (Deryk Robosson).
* Missing functions in ListBox (Shylaja Kokoori).
* Fix two form size issues (Marc Haisenko).
* TextBox bounds checking (Erich Kitzmuller).
* Allow TextBox.Text to be set to null without an exception
  (Carl-Adam Brengesjo).
* Basic implementation of MenuItem.CloneMenu (Carl-Adam Brengesjo).
* Stub out RichTextBox (Klaus Treichel).
* Stub out PrintDialog (Klaus Treichel).
* Stub out NotifyIcon (Deryk Robosson).
* Implement System.Drawing.SystemIcons (Deryk Robosson).
* Rendering fixes in StatusBar (Simon Guindon).
* Fixes to NumericUpDown's labelling of buttons (Deryk Robosson).
* Fix Control.ResetText to set the right value (Deryk Robosson).
* Fix matrix transformations (Heiko Weiss).
* Bezier problems when less than two points (Heiko Weiss).
* Signature-compatibility fixes in Control (Gopal V).
* Initial selected tab in TabControl is the first one (leppie).
* Word-wrapping for hyphenated words (Deryk Robosson).
* Fill MainMenu screen real estate properly (Deryk Robosson).
* Add missing constructors for Matrix (Marco Bosatta).
* Implement the Disposing property for controls (Richard Baumann).
* Use Dispose instead of DestroyHandle from Form.Close (Richard Baumann).
* Z-order and control parenting issues (Richard Baumann).
* Do not attempt to dropdown empty ComboBox'es (Deryk Robosson).
* Use Items property instead of field in ComboBox (Deryk Robosson).
* Do not allow whitespace clicks for non-existent ComboBox items
  (Jacob Alberty).
* Fix determinant and inversion operations for Matrix (Marco Bosatta).


* Disable font size rounding if Xft is in use (Marc Haisenko).
* Unicode support using Xft (Marc Haisenko).
* Support larger font sizes (Marc Haisenko).
* Use a dpi of 96 for point size conversions (Marc Haisenko).
* Fix PopupWindow.Raise (Gopal V).
* Add toolkit support for MoveToAbove and MoveToBelow (Richard Baumann).
* Enable XFT by default (Richard Baumann).


* Fix HTTP support for XmlReader (Erich Kitzmuller).
* Correct URL resolution for XmlReader (Gopal V).
* Basic function handling for XPath (Gopal V).
* Implement TODO functions in XmlDocumentNavigator (Gopal V).
* Resolve relative filenames properly (Carl-Adam Brengesjo).
* Signature-compatibility in resolver classes (Richard Baumann).
* Fix a duplicate prefix bug in XmlTextWriter (Richard Baumann).

Serialization and Remoting:

* Fix serialization of ISerialable types (Andre Seidelt).


* Check support for HTTP requests (Erich Kitzmuller).
* "file://" URL handling (Gopal V).
* Fixes to file URI handling (Stephen Compall).


* Bugs in number parsing (Stephen Compall).
* Bugs in StringBuilder (Klaus Treichel).
* String index range checks (Klaus Treichel).
* Changes to compile with Visual Studio overlay (Neil Cawse).
* Case sensitive string comparisons (Klaus Treichel).
* Prevent duplicate members in reflection lookups (address@hidden).
* Default visibility and binding values in ClrType (Gopal V).
* Handle '\0' in number parsing the same as MS (Deryk Robosson).
* Compatibility fix in StreamWriter.Close (Deryk Robosson).

pnetC 0.6.12 (16 January 2005)

* No change - re-released to match version numbers with pnet/pnetlib.

ml-pnet 0.6.12 (16 January 2005)

* Add references to Mono.Security where necessary (Klaus Treichel).
* Build fixes for SqlSharp (Klaus Treichel).
* Exclude test directories for System.Data (Klaus Treichel).

treecc 0.3.6 (16 January 2005)

* Fix a problem with treecc.spec (Russell Stuart).

Hash: SHA1

ce26abba697ec4bd7e064ee9eabd3f49  ml-pnet-0.6.12.tar.gz
8a35ad029e4d4cce936f3ba768f0d186  pnet-0.6.12.tar.gz
07f7b4c28c4e7e45bd0765ccb511e771  pnetC-0.6.12.tar.gz
c42477412c6aabb71516949bd519984a  pnetlib-0.6.12.tar.gz
56426279e6017af909353176e582fb28  treecc-0.3.6.tar.gz
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