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[DotGNU] Portable.NET 0.7.0 has been released

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: [DotGNU] Portable.NET 0.7.0 has been released
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 19:19:42 +1000
User-agent: KMail/1.4.3

Portable.NET 0.7.0 has been released:

Web Page:

It's been a long time (six months!), but well worth the wait.  Klaus
Treichel and Marc Haisenko get a special mention.  Fantastic work guys!

NEWS entries and signed MD5 checksums for the above files are appended
to this message.



Portable.NET 0.7.0 (11 June 2005)

Runtime engine:

* Implement a PPC unroller (Gopal V).
* New internalcalls for StringBuilder class (Klaus Treichel).
* Fix isinst to act more like castclass, as per spec (Klaus Treichel).
* Internalcalls to get errno information for Process (Hermann Weiss).
* Fix a possible engine lockup in the thread code (Klaus Treichel).
* Optimize CVM converter to not be called unnecessarily (Klaus Treichel).
* Fix an x86 register usage problem with memmove in interpreter (Klaus T).
* Optimize FindInRange for IndexOf and LastIndexOf (Klaus Treichel).
* Enhanced profiling support for the engine (Marc Haisenko).
* Added support for multiple engine instances (Klaus Treichel).

C# Compiler:

* Overflow bug in switch code generation (Gopal V).


* Improve the documentation for csant build file syntax (Stephen Compall).

Platform Support:

* Disable SIGPIPE for socket operations (Klaus Treichel).
* UDP broadcast support (Doru Budai).
* Install problem for ilranlib on Cygwin (Klaus Treichel).


* Debian packaging updates (Russell Stuart).
* Configure option "--enable-interrupts" (Marc Haisenko).

pnetlib 0.7.0 (11 June 2005)

System.Windows.Forms and System.Drawing:

* Fix scrollbar layouts for textbox (Marc Haisenko).
* Wrapping for Graphics.DrawString (Marc Haisenko).
* Texbox background and caret drawing (Heiko Weiss).
* Store layout info of children in parent (Marc Haisenko).
* Reset view when resizing textbox  (Marc Haisenko).
* TreeView and TreeNode bug fixes (Deryk Robosson).
* Remove tabs in label text (Deryk Robosson).
* Redo Anchor layouting by using bounding box border sizes (Marc Haisenko).
* Stub out toolbox classes (Deryk Robosson).
* Compatibility fixes for scroll wheel scrolling (Marc Haisenko).
* Focus handling is now opt-out for output only control (Deryk Robosson).
* LostFocus event for ComboBox (Erich Kitzmuller).
* Fix exceptions in DrawLine for Images (Marc Haisenko).
* Use CreateControlInner instead of CreateHandle for BeginInvoke
  and Invalidate (Marc Haisenko).
* Remove redundant check in OnParentVisibleChanged (Marc Haisenko).
* Avoid double call of LostFocus/GotFocus (Deryk Robosson).
* Make disabled text more legible (Erich Kitzmuller).
* Fix infinite recursion for SetBoundsCore (Heiko Weiss).


* Fix timer bug when RTC time is reset externally by user or
  NTP (Marc Haisenko).
* Double buffering fixes for transparent bg color (Marc Haisenko).
* Scroll wheel button events for scrolling (Marc Haisenko).
* Extended window manager hints (Deryk Robosson).
* Add TopMost to window manager hints (Marc Haisenko).
* Use xft-config to lookup Xft paths (Gopal V).


* Fix allocations in StringBuilder and improve performance for
  large strings (Klaus Treichel).
* StringBuilder speedups using internal calls (Klaus Treichel).
* Fixes for Hashtable removals (Heiko Weiss).
* Fix TrimStart and TrimEnd on String to work without args (Marc Haisenko).
* Compatibility fixes to ApplicationId (Klaus Treichel).
* Add some missing exceptions and context classes (Klaus Treichel).


* XPath fixes to match behavior (Gopal V).
* Fix bug in Skip() (Klaus Treichel).
* Return null instead of throwing exception for invalid index
  (Deryk Robosson).
* Fix RemoveChild in NodeList to remove node only if it is a
  child (Marc Haisenko).

Networking & IO:

* Improve Buffered Stream performance (Andre Seidelt).
* Reset socket state on error (Richard Baumann).
* Enable Broadcast option (Doru Budai).
* Stub out configuration handlers for HTTP (Gopal V).


* New unit tests for Hashtable (Heiko Weiss).
* Tests for version and application id (Klaus Treichel).
* Update string replace tests (Klaus Treichel).


* Fixes for mscompact profile builds (Rhys Weatherley).
* Add CONFIG_XPATH and CONFIG_XSL profile defines (Gopal V).
* Profiling support via DotGNU.Misc namespace (Marc Haisenko).
* throw exception when process does not start (Herman Weiss).
* Reduce new object creation and speedup simple array
  deserialization (Andre Seidelt).
* NumberFormatInfo and NumberParser fixes (Heiko Weiss).
* Fix xft checks in configure (Richard Baumann).
* Updated (Russel Stuart).

pnetC 0.7.0 (11 June 2005)

* No change - re-released to match version numbers with pnet/pnetlib.

ml-pnet 0.7.0 (11 June 2005)

* Updated debian files (Russell Stuart).
* System.ServiceProcess (Marc Haisenco)/
* Mono.GetOptions, System.Data (Klaus Treichel).

Hash: SHA1

365ad9dc376fcf1f932e0362660c0aac  ml-pnet-0.7.0.tar.gz
fbdb5cde8fdcd455579ed9e22fa3458d  pnet-0.7.0.tar.gz
5ae49470be4202c144a8c386be8095b5  pnetC-0.7.0.tar.gz
701e071a77f65b50dc87952c6703a071  pnetlib-0.7.0.tar.gz
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