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[DotGNU] Ms.VisualBasic.Strings

From: Robert Lascelle
Subject: [DotGNU] Ms.VisualBasic.Strings
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 19:20:14 -0700 (PDT)

Hello everyone,

I'm new to mailing-list and to dotgnu.

I've read lots of code so far. I've compile dotgnu on
my PC (cygwin) and my Mac. Both have some compilation
problem, but I manage to repair them.

I've looked at the Library Status Page. I saw that
some easy stuff were not done so far.
Microsoft.VisualBasic.Strings (Replace and Split).
I've change the code on both system, compile the Ms.Vb
library and those 2 method are working. Unfortunetely,
i can't find any test suite for these two method. I'll
have to make it and when it's over, post it here. I've
made some test already, I compare result with ms vbc.
There is no native call in those code. 

But, I don't know how to post them, where, which
format. I never touch CVS (my Mac have it installed). 


PS: About me: Robert Lascelle, live in Montreal, QC,
Software (engineer), 3 1/2 year C/C++, VB (at work).
1/2 year using dot net technology. I know SQL Server,
mysql, sqlite.
I have some spare time.
Talking french and english, but my english is not very good.

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