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[DotGNU] Bayonne 0.6.4, and pnet runtime support

From: David Sugar
Subject: [DotGNU] Bayonne 0.6.4, and pnet runtime support
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 17:23:44 -0400
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0.6.3 was released this morning with Java support, and I've already started work on the next release of Bayonne2, 0.6.4. This release will include initial support for launching C# coded/il binary telephony applications under Bayonne2 using the Portable.NET runtime.

The initial goal for Bayonne pnet is minimally to be able to launch an ilrun session and C# apps which will use the Bayonne.Libexec class. This much I think can probably be completed over the weekend, and if so 0.6.4 will be released maybe by Monday. This seems achievable especially given that pnet is far less miserable to use than Java in this particular respect.

Some longer term goals for pnet do include embedding the pnet vm, maybe as early as 0.7.0. I recall ilrun is essentially a wrapper for the vm library, and certainly the Bayonne libexec session manager is a wrapper for calling executables. There is no reason it cannot also do so launching an embedded vm, with the startup performance gain of then having the vm already resident.

Another thing that might be nice to see is if bayonne specific meta data could be embedded and extracted. Bayonne could use such meta data for assigning which proxy servers to register uri's for pnet apps, for example. This can also be done externally with a /etc/bayonne/pnet.apps file (from 0.6.1 last week) which generates a wrapper from a seperate config file.

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