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[DotGNU] Mostly hiding, lurking, learning, and a well done.

From: Alan West
Subject: [DotGNU] Mostly hiding, lurking, learning, and a well done.
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 11:24:38 +0100

Although I don't actually use Portable .NET for anything, I'm impressed with the quality and consistency of the code, including the steady pace of development. I was originally just lurking here because I like the idea of compiling C# code to pure native machine code executables. I'd settled on Portable .NET for my project after evaluating gcc and others, gcc seemed messy, and others too slap-dash for my liking.

Now I'm not as keen on my project, yet i'm still fond of the Portable .NET project, as such I don't mind helping out now 'n' again, building and testing for the Mac (diversity inspires surely), though I must point out my heart lies with Linux. My first experiences of which were early 1999, windowless at home since around 2000, yet there's no gusts of wind, not one single draft. Anyway who knows what the future will hold - that Pistachio micro-kernel looks promising.

For 8 years I was a C++ developer of a Windows CAD/CAM software suite - enough to learn win32 development like the back of my hand - gladly no longer though still trying to forget.

Anyway, hi project contributors, well done and keep up the good work.

England, UK.

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