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[DotGNU] RE: pnet on mobiles (arm processor, symbian os)

From: Kirill Kononenko
Subject: [DotGNU] RE: pnet on mobiles (arm processor, symbian os)
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 18:22:12 +0400



You can use pnet on any mobile/handheld that is linux based. I was working during my Summer of Code project to provide a delivery of a .NET environment for the community.


For now the most known Linux mobile phone/handheld is the Nokia 770.  I think pnet should work with it. I have seen building parameters in Open Embedded (the stuff I use to compile pnet for for it.

You can read about my work I did here:


So to sum up, I can compile GPE DotNET (which is pnet based) for most linux based handhelds/mobile phones ( think that even for all that exists now).


To build GPE DotNET with Open Embedded stuff is very easy: use ‘bitbake gpe-dotnet’. For source code and binaries look at too.



And saying that I read somewhere about 30% for mobile phones/handhelds based on linux in the next year…





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