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Re: [DotGNU] IDE for dotnet on linux

From: Radek Polak
Subject: Re: [DotGNU] IDE for dotnet on linux
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 09:03:04 +0200
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you probably know that i am working on Portable Studio, which is IDE for Portable .NET. I have got many ideas and lot of work done. Here is quick overview, what is done:

* support for Makefile, csant or any other build tool. This can be done, because Portable Studio works directly with C# compiler (cscc). Project in Portable Studio is "what have you just compiled". E.g. if you type cscc foo.cs, compiler after compilation connects to Portable Studio and project with one file (simple.cs) is loaded. If you want e.g. System.Windows.Forms project, just type make in pnet's winforms directory. Note: to make this work you need patched version of cscc compiler. * project browser, that can display compiled source files, classes and their members.
* souce editor - taken from Xacc project, thanks leppie ;)
* source code navigation - when you double click class or member in code browser, source edior opens and jumps to class/member definiton.

I am planning:

* jump to definition context menu in source editor
* code completion
* more langugages (java, c)
* simple debugging

The first results look quite promising to me, but there are some really hard thing to be done, before Portable Studio is usefull - e.g. incremental compilation (so that parse tree is always fresh), double buffering in source editor (can that be done in pnet now???) etc, etc...

I hope that "the worst think on dotnet for linux" wont be true soon ;-)



I think this phrase that I read recently in a chat should interest you:

“the worst thing on dotnet for linux is that there is no really good IDE with debugger etc. monodevelop is not even a shadow of sharpdevelop for win”




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