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[DotGNU] Bradley M. Kuhn response on the letter

From: Kirill Kononenko
Subject: [DotGNU] Bradley M. Kuhn response on the letter
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 03:47:13 +0400


It's good to hear the DotGNU/PNET project is going strong.  As you may know,
I have moved on from my role at FSF to a position as CTO at the new Software
Freedom Law Center.  As such, I would not be the right person to get
involved regarding management issues of the DotGNU and/or PNET projects.

I have included a few people whom I am sure should be involved on this
matter.  One is Peter Brown, my successor as ED of the FSF.  The other is
Justin Baugh, who is one of the system administrators at FSF (his help may
be needed in getting access to the accounts in question).  Finally, I've
included Rhys Weatherley, who was my primary contact in the PNET project
when I was still at FSF.

For everyone's reference, I have included Kirill's full message below.

   -- bkuhn

Kirill Kononenko wrote:

>  Norbert Bollow (`nb') is not accessible for many last months 
> (although  numerous attempts were done), the wiki is spammed to death; 
> is there a  way for the active PNET developers to get access to the 
> infrastructure,  to close it or to open a new one?
>    Would be better if we had a meeting and decided together what to do.
>    I suggest making a meeting on next Sunday, at UTC 9:00. I would like to
>    see _all_ who are interested in DotGNU and PNET. Tell if the timing is
>    for you?

>    Cheers,
>    Kirill.

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