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[DotGNU] The summary of the meeting on 2005, 25 september, 9:00 UTC (Sun

From: Kirill Kononenko
Subject: [DotGNU] The summary of the meeting on 2005, 25 september, 9:00 UTC (Sunday )
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2005 17:10:31 +0400

The topic of discussion was:

As nb is away for many months, is there a way for the active PNET developers
to get access to the infrastructure, to close it or to open a new one?

The meeting lasted around 1 hour 30 minutes:

Who said something:
ajmitch, KlausT, radekp, skwashd, rhysw (left after 25 minutes),
krokas__, scandium, Belial-, steki

The talks is about, the need for contol of the infrastructure
krokas__ and Belial- proposed an insurgency.

rhys said, that we need a more reliable admin, the pnet and dotgnu
projects on savannah have web site versions, hosted by gnu - the
question - is it possible to trasition to that?

skwashd, was willing to investigate offering space on the box for hosting

scandium said, that the problem is the dotgnu website is mirrored on
all gnu mirror. And even if we move (which is owned by the
FSF) there are other problems like, getdotgnu domains etc.
(all owned by nb) they will continue to be accessible (like the
spammed wiki etc)

It was asked if if is possible to start a wiki at and
mirror as much as possible from

It was noted that getdotgnu stopped working a few days later after dr
nick said he was moving it to his own server

Was asked what happened to the association donations dr nick collected
and if there aren't the $3k or so left on the FSF bank accout from Neil?

scandium and krokas__, suggested to start our own donation effort and
then start a 100% idependent infractructure.

skwashd suggested (from experience) gnu infrastructure is a better
option; he suggested to get a box, donate it to the fsf (for dotgnu
related purposes), move what can be moved to it, move the lists to sv,
clean up the sv, and continue coding

There was some discussion on how the project infrastructure should be
organized, It was clear that there are some different views on how
savannah and the current infrastructure(wiki, mail list) should be

scandium argued strongly for moving the project off savannah to
another (unamed) server and to remove all references to non FSF
controlled dotgnu domains.

Steki pushed for hard for the project to switch to trac as he beleives
it has many parts mentioned in the discussion (SVN Code browser,

Some people felt that we need to arrange a 100% control of savannah,
we have it over dotgnu-pnet, but not the other related projects,
although that could be sorted out with savannah admins

It was agreed that rhysw is the best person to ask for control of it (
is in the best position to claim ownership of the project ) then he
can grant admins rights to others

skwashd said that he would try to arrange a site on the box, to make the project look active, this would give
the project life (although this is not a full community thing with
wiki, user projects, download area and forum) then ask for donations
on there, and get enough for a box, for example the phpgroupware
raised ~1250 USD in < 10 days.

phpGroupWare's server was purchased with donated funds, then hosting
was found for it, and finally it was added to the fsf asset register

skwashd pointed out that phpgroupware was able to fund raise easily
for their new server. The need for funds was publicised and people
contacted him, and he gave them the contact info of a person living in
the US, who was building the box

krokas suggested that the money be donated to a person who lives in
Germany(like scandium or KlausT), although he didn't eloborate on the
reasons for this.
radekp: said that he could offer a box with good internet connection
if that would help

skwashd pointed out that we still need to consult with the steering
commitee as they officially administer the project, he felt that we
need to get their ok...or fork the project.  skwashd was not
advocating forking the project.
krokas said, that they were invited to the meeting, and being send
personal letter, to who was possible to send one (they were not

It was also noted that the fsf has processes to be followed for
orpaned project and dotgnu has extra components and processes to be

There was a discussion around the need to update the steering commitee
to better reflect the current situation with the project.  It was felt
that nb should be still has a seat on the SC, was suggested that then
decisson should be made by the majority of the steering commitee
members present for voting.

Was said that t3rmin4tor could probably reach arun, who he knows

It was agreed that skwashd would contact rhys to start a discussion
regarding the steering commitee issues, and then will report to the
list, and then another meeting will be held to discuss infrastructure.
We need a formal decision making process in place, before making
decisions. The next meeting should be timed better to allow people
from the US to attend.

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