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Re: [Dotgnu-general] Hello everybody

From: Klaus Treichel
Subject: Re: [Dotgnu-general] Hello everybody
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 19:31:28 +0200

Hi Christian,

> I would like to salute you all and also ask you whether this project
> is still alive. The thing is I am very interested on DOTGNU, but I
> have not been able to do any really useful program, since there are
> important things missing in documentation and also some broken links
> in the website. I think, if you like, I can help to generate
> documentation mainly in my native language: Spanish.

Helping with the documentation would be appeciated.
I'd prefer to have the documentation in english which isn't my native
language too. Maybe we can find someone who will be doing some

> Besides, I would like to know what's going on with the development of
> the project, are you releasing a new major version in the next months?

There are a lot of improvements in the git repository.
Maybe you can try this version. It should be pretty stable (and bug
reports are welcome).
>  What about Mono libraries? Are you including new versions of these
> libraries into DOTGNU?

The problem with the mono libraries is that they are using C# 3.x
Microsoft features not covered by the ECMA specs (even in .NET 1.x and
2.x builds).
This makes it impossible to build them as they are with cscc.
In System.Data they are using an invalid construct (according to ECMA)
like this: x = foo(ref (int)shortvalue); which is not buildable by cscc.

But we are working on getting most of them buildable again.

>  Is DOTGNU C# compiler fully compatible with ECMA specification?

I'm still trying to implement the rest of the ECMA 334 specs.
The goal is to be fully ECMA compliant.

> Also, I want to know what about legal problems with using of C#, do
> you really think C# GPL developers and projects will be safe under
> Microsoft Community Promise? Is DOTGNU project under risk by Microsoft
> Patents? Is there a way Microsoft could destroy DOTGNU project?

From what i've read in the comunity promise everything covered by the
ECMA specs should be safe. Everything else not covered by ECMA but
mentioned in MS documentation is not safe.



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