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[Dotgnu-general] A script to find all (Players) and (Messages of the Day

From: Matthias Zimmerman
Subject: [Dotgnu-general] A script to find all (Players) and (Messages of the Day) a minecraft server has.
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2016 17:34:37 -0700

A script i wrote to find the players on any minecraft server by pinging it has just found the 1337est player on

I wrote a script to list the players on a server from the player sample in each ping.

I ran it on and have now found the 1337est player on that server, or the 1337th player unique player that i noticed.

The leetest player on 2b2t is officialy(by me) (2b2t)_Kirbzz
and he was the 
that joined the server!!

PS:This is the oneliner
while true; do touch loop; echo -en "\x07\0\xd2\x01\x00c\xd9\x01\x01\x00" | nc 25565 | perl -pe 's/\":\"/\n/g ,s/"}/\xff\n/g , s/ //g, s/(")(§)//g' | grep --color=auto --color=auto -a -B 2 name | perl -pe 'print grep { $_ =~ /\xff/ } <>' | grep --color=auto --color=auto -aE  "^.+$(echo -ne '\xff')" | perl -pe 's/\xff//g' | xargs -n 13 bash -c 'chmod +x *;echo 1 >$0&echo 1 >$1&echo 1 >$2&echo 1 >$3&echo 1 >$4&echo 1 >$5&echo 1 >$6&echo 1 >$7&echo 1 >$8&echo 1 >$9&shift 1;echo 1 >$9;shift 2;echo 1 >$9;find ! -executable';if test "$((0x$(head -c1 /dev/urandom|xxd -ps)%128))" = "0";then echo #$(ls -l|wc -l;fi)th;done | xargs -n 1 bash -c 'echo (2b2t)$0'

PPS:If anyone feels they want to improve it, go ahead but please, send me a copy at matthias291999(at)gmail(dot)com

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