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[Dotgnu-libjit] _jit_regs_set_value

From: MikyT
Subject: [Dotgnu-libjit] _jit_regs_set_value
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2008 20:41:33 +0200

Hi everybody.
I'm an Italian developer and I'm starting to work on the ARM backend of libjit.
Looking at the "Porting libjit to new architectures" guide, I've
enabled the ARM backend and, as expected, it cannot be compiled.

It complains about an undefined function called "_jit_regs_set_value".
That function is used many times in jit-rules-arm.slc, that is
generated from jit-rules-arm.sel by the gen-sel tool, as defined by
That function is completely non-existent and undocumented, so
implementing it is quite a problem!

Does anyone have an idea of what it is supposed to do, so that I can
try and write it?



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