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RE : [Pnet-developers] [Bug #4014] [0.5.8] Hard limit for bytecode size

From: Yannis BRES
Subject: RE : [Pnet-developers] [Bug #4014] [0.5.8] Hard limit for bytecode size is different in VM bytecode verifier and ilverify
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 12:40:47 +0200

     Hi !

> > It would be nice to increase this limit, but also to provide a 
> > command-line option to set it.
> There already is such an option.  e.g. "ilrun --stack-size 
> 32" will set the limit to 32k instead.
     I was not talking about the stack size but the bytecode size :  there
does not seem to be any option in this respect...
     If you can give me hint about where the constant for this limit is
defined, I could add this option...

> > In the same fashion, the default 8K limit for stack
> > is ridiculous :  we work on functional language compilation, and 
> > recursion can be quite deep when functions are not automatically 
> > derecursived.  In a more general way, think of a merge sort on a 
> > linked list...
> Feel free to make a suggestion as to what the default should be.
     Default stack size for Win32 binaries is 1Mb.  I don't know for sure
for .NET binaries, but I guess it's about the same...


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