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Re: [Pnet-developers] The Basics

From: Gopal V
Subject: Re: [Pnet-developers] The Basics
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 12:00:14 +0530
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If memory serves me right, john bailo wrote:
> ok, they said this list was for newbies, so don't slam me too hard if i sound 
> dumb.  i am.

/me goes out and puts on a "Newbies Welcome" mat at the front door ...

> Now for the questions.  I am trying to install pnet on an md91 system.  i 
> choose the md RPMs ( thanks for having those !!! really !!). ok, so i down 
> loaded

Hmm... actually 0.5.6 is the last release , the current release is 
0.5.8 , but I guess the mandrake RPMs have not been built yet ..

If you go via Source too that would be not much of a problem.. Pnet is
too easy to compile ... it's almost totally self-contained and is minimal
fuss (especially since you're on an ordinary platform , and not something
exotic ...).

> side note: for all the packages this message was repeated before the install 
> completed:
> warning: user sirian does not exist - using root
> warning: group sirian does not exist - using root

Probably due to the simple fact that all those packages were built as
a non-root user ie sirian ... Not an issue at all .

> if i type pnet: command not found

Ok, there is a good way to run IL programs by merely "./a.out.exe" ..
running "ilrun --register" as root will get that enabled in the 
Linux kernel. This conflicts with Wine , so you might have to disable
Wine to do this .. but non IL .exes are transferred to wine automatically
by ilrun, so that's not a problem.

> if i type csc: command not found

cscc ... which is actually not THE C# compiler , but is the command
for compiling C# , VB , Managed C and Java code ... (lighten up a bit
on the Java part, because CVS is missing java.lang.dll) and is compatible
to the GCC command line syntax as well as the .NET one ...

So you can either cscc -o 1.exe 1.cs or cscc /out:1.exe 1.cs 

> is there any post install docs to get me to working status with pnet?

There's a goodish amount of documentation inside the rpms ... try 
"man cscc" or "man ilrun" .

The difference between insanity and genius is measured by success

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