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[Pnet-developers] Repositioning assemblies within pnetlib

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: [Pnet-developers] Repositioning assemblies within pnetlib
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 09:56:54 +1000
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Hi all,

One of the design goals for the pnet, pnetlib, and pnetC trees was that it is 
possible to run the compiler and sample programs directly out of the 
development tree, without doing a "make install" first.

This greatly speeds up development because it isn't necessary to stop and do 
"su;make install" every few minutes.

But it is starting to become a bit of a pain to manage as the 
"pnetlib/samples/" file currently shows:

exec "$ILRUN" -L../runtime -L../I18N -L../DotGNU.SSL -L../System 
-L../System.Xml -L../Xsharp -L../Xsharp/.libs -L../System.Drawing 
-L../System.Drawing.Xsharp -L../System.Windows.Forms -L../JScript -L../Basic 
-L../compat -L../System.Net.IrDA $*

Every time we add a new library to pnetlib, it increases the complexity of 
tracking down all of the assemblies for an in-tree test.

Assuming that it is OK with the other core pnet developers, I propose to add a 
"pnetlib/lib" directory, where the assemblies will be placed prior to a "make 
install", rather than being stored in their individual library directories.  
Then only a single directory needs to be added to the ilrun command-line to 
perform an in-tree test.

Any comments?



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