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Re: [Pnet-developers] I haven't dgadmin

From: Chris Smith
Subject: Re: [Pnet-developers] I haven't dgadmin
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 17:33:37 +0100

Okay, really important - There is a step just prior to step 1.

      Once the environment has been set up by sourcing the
      may be started.

The default install location for is
So to get this sourced in, su to root and do:

address@hidden ~]# . /usr/local/share/dgee/

This will sort out your environment and set the variables needed by the
dgee -
You *MUST* do this before you can start or stop the dgee.

Having done this you'll find that dgadmin is a shell alias
(alias dgadmin="goldwater --prompt='dotGNU DGEE'")

Next you can start the dgee control processes:

address@hidden ~]# dgadmin start

and then start the dgee server processes:

address@hidden ~]# dgadmin boot

* OR * instead of doing dgadmin start and dgadmin boot, you can just do:

address@hidden ~]# dgeestart

I would recommend using dgeestart instead of dgadmin as it will allways do
the right thing, and is only 1 step instead of 2.  Stick with dgeestart and

Hope that helps you.
I will modify the dgeestart and dgee stop scripts so that they setup the
environment themselves, so you don't have to do it first.  This will help
auto start of the dgee on bootup...

Are you using a src distribution (tarball or CVS)?


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Subject: [Pnet-developers] I haven't dgadmin

> Hello.
> I read the README and QUICKSTART of dgee, But in the README say me to
> for example
> Step 1. - Start de instance in goldwater with
> #dgadmin start
> But I don't know when it's the dgadmin because in my system OS. not
> I want to know how I do it.
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> Never know
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