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Re: [Visionaries] The Relative Semantic Web

From: Peter Minten
Subject: Re: [Visionaries] The Relative Semantic Web
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 08:56:23 +0200

Peter Minten wrote:

> My new idea is to make node addresses relative and hooked up to the actual RDF
> databases. So my stuff about how Forum works could be located at
> dotgnu!people!PeterMinten!forum!howitworks (yes, a bang path :-), a link from 
> my
> node at DotGNU to the howitworks node on my own webspace. Again:
> dotgnu => the central DotGNU node
> dotgnu!people => the people node of DotGNU
> dotgnu!people!PeterMinten => my node at DotGNU
> dotgnu!people!PeterMinten!forum => a link to my own webspace, node forum
> dotgnu!people!PeterMinten!forum!howitworks => the how it works node

Hmm, this might not work in every situation. Jumps between servers need some
form of hard linking. Let's see: dotgnu!people!PeterMinten!forum <=>
dotgnu!people!<>!forum. That would work if
runs an GNU.RDF server which contains a property forum.

A standard resolver for URI's can be constructed from this: => <>!fred!barney.

I believe this system is a good mix of absolute addressing and relative
addressing, since hard links are rarely needed (only when jumping between



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