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[Visionaries] Yet Another WebScheme update

From: Peter Minten
Subject: [Visionaries] Yet Another WebScheme update
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 17:21:57 +0200
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Hi folks,

WebScheme is currently is a very good state, I programmed in it today, experimenting with some actual coding and it felt really good. I did change a few things while doing so however:

* The @ sign for metadata is gone. Metadata can now be accessed using obj.meta . It's possible to add metadata to a class fast using the metadata method:

(define a ;(b)
   :description "Some method"
   :author "Peter Minten")
  (\ (b) ...))

The ;(b) is just a convention btw to tell humans that it's a function and what arguments it accepts. Of course more metadata than just description and author can be used. The metadata can easily be retrieved using obj.meta, for example:
a.meta.description => "Some method"

* I've replaced the <foo-bar> notation for classes by Foo-Bar. This is because module.<class>.object looks silly and <module>.<class>.object is a pain to type. I've decided for CamelCase + binding sign because class and module names should look like normal field names aside from the capitals and just start capitalization doesn't look well either.

A few matters have to be solved, but I'm confident that will work :-).



PS: A small example is attached.
;;Encryption using GPG

(import Base.Crypto.GPG)
;;Base.Crypto.GPG is actually a module, but modules can have methods

  (define text
    (GPG.encrypt "DotGNU Over The GNU Networking Universe", "Peter Minten")))
   (puts "Recipient does not exist: #{system.current-exception.recipient}")
   ;;"#{foo}" inserts ( String) into the string, kinda like Ruby
   ;;system.current-exception is the last exception thrown
   (puts "Operation aborted"))))

(import Base.Web.Mail.*) ;;include module contents

 :to "Peter Minten <address@hidden>"
 :subject "DotGNU slogan encrypted"
 :attachments '(text)
 :priority Mail-Priority.low)
;;Example of using an keyword list

(define send-with-attachments
   :description "Send a mail with attachments fast and quick, uses keywords"
   :author "Peter Minten")
  (\ (. args)
   (define args (Base.Keyword-Processor.parse args))
   (parent.send args["to"] args["subject"] args["from"] args["priority"]
;;Example definition

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