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[Visionaries] library question

From: Kamen Yotov
Subject: [Visionaries] library question
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 00:16:54 -0400

i am a phd student and i do a lot of research with .net.
i have written a number of tools that i use, which currently have limited portability.
i turned to pnet to look for an answer for my portability problems.
one thing i notice is that the class library is not very complete.
an idea that occured to me (and i cound not possibly be the first one to think about this) is the following:
can i use (some) of the microsoft standard .NET dlls with the pnet execution environment?
using System.* with pnet should be able to give me a fairly complete class library with a portable execution environment...
because all these are IL binaries i should be able to just drop them and use them?
what am i missing? (other than legal issues)

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